After I'm Gone Checklist

Get Organised Before You Die!

Using this checklist will really benefit you and your loved ones by reducing the stress and trauma experienced when someone dies.

Most of us know exactly where our important information is stored and what our passwords are. But our loved ones don't have that knowledge.

You can use this checklist as a template for the information you need to collect.

This means when you die your loved ones can grieve for you without the stress of trying to sort things out.

The After I'm Gone Checklist Planner will help you make your last goodbye your best goodbye.

Get organised feel happier.

Prepare now & reduce stress.

Let loved ones grieve stress free.

The checklist is simple to use and acts as an easy reminder of the important information you need to prepare before you die.

When you get organised you will feel happier knowing that everything has been prepared and that all your wishes can be carried out and the right people get their inheritance.

Organising everything before you die means your loved ones wont have the headache of sorting things out at a time when they really need to be grieving.

Get Organised with the After I'm Gone Checklist

Make Your Last Goodbye Your Best Goodbye

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